Twitch Alert Graphics

As all streamers know, to really be successful, you’ve got to attract new followers and better yet, subscribers.


To do that, you need to create a unique and catchy brand. You need to stand out in the crowd of streamers by creating a strong brand personality that viewers will notice and remember.


Of course, there are tons of ways that you, as a streamer, can do this. But one important way that is too often overlooked is by using unique twitch alerts. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed, well-placed twitch alert GIF.



3 Reasons Why You Need Unique Twitch Alert Templates


Now many streamers, and maybe even viewers, may scoff at us when we say twitch sub alerts are crazy important. But choosing/creating the right twitch alert images for your stream plays an important role in attracting and growing your followers and subscribers.


It also provides a better viewer experience, and should help you retain your subscribers. Much like an overlay.



Here are 3 major ways that alerts for twitch streams make a huge difference:


1) Solidify and Strengthen Your Brand


Hopefully, you’ve watched the successful streamers enough to recognize one really important thing—the really successful ones have all created a really strong, unique, easy-to-identify brand or persona.


Creating and presenting a deliberate persona and brand helps you stick out, be remembered, and be enjoyed by viewers, even if the brand you create is a bit quirky—in fact, the quirkier the better in most cases.


For streamers, a lot of your brand and persona is created by your presentation of yourself and the personality you take on. But, the way your stream page appears—its color schemes and banners—play a significant part too.


That is where a twitch alert template comes in. If you’ve got a brand developed, but then you use a super generic twitch alert that about a hundred plus other streamers are using, you just hurt your brand.


This is especially true if the one you choose actually clashes with your chosen brand or interferes with it too much. We’ve all seen those really obnoxious twitch alert GIFs that hog the screen and interrupt the stream…


So, instead of clashing with and destructing your brand, make sure everything, including your twitch alerts and cam overlays, are working together to solidify and strengthen your brand. This makes your stream as memorable, unique and enjoyable as possible.


To do that, you need to make, or have made, a twitch alert that fits your stream. Or, at the very least, check out some twitch alert templates that you can customize so that they will still be unique to your stream and will enhance your brand.



2) Attract & Retain Savvy Viewers


This reason is somewhat related to the above. When you have experienced viewers watching your stream, they can pick out a generic new follower overlay in a heartbeat. If you’re wanting to attract and keep quality followers/subscribers—that’s not the way to do it.


The more you can impress a savvy viewer, the more they are likely to stick around and enjoy your stream. And the more likely they will be to spread the word too based on the info they read under your Twitch profile panels.


So, create unique twitch alerts that will surprise and impress. It will show your viewers that you put some real thought into your stream and that you really have put yourself behind your brand.


This will encourage more donations too, as people are more willing to support someone who has clearly put their heart and soul into it.



3) Engage & Retain Viewers


Finally, the more unique your twitch alert images, the more enjoyable they will be. The more enjoyable they are, the more your viewers will appreciate interacting with your stream.


The more they can interact, the more they will feel they are actually an active participant in it. This is true across the board for every type of sport, event, club, etc.—the more interactive and involved someone can be, the more likely they are to stick around.


If someone can’t be involved and can’t interact, then they’re most definitely going to lose interest and leave.


Providing unique alerts helps increase that sense of participation, and will therefore heighten your ability to retain viewers.



Purchase Twitch Alert Templates or DIY?


There are ways that you can create your own new donation overlay. If you’ve got the tech knowledge for it, and you can do it well, then go for it.


However, the complexities of coding as well as the talent required to create quality images escape many of us. There are now many services that will create unique twitch alerts, or at the very least unique templates that you can then customize for yourself.


So there’s no reason to wait on getting started with customizing twitch alerts for your stream channel now and enhance your brand! Before you know it, you’ll start seeing your new subscriber overlay popping up on your stream a lot more often!